John Deere - 6100

John Deere history or history of the group begins in 1837 with a design of a ' zelfpolijstende ' steel team from a broken saw blade. The then 33-year-old blacksmith John-Deere from Vermont came on this grand idea when he found out the broken saw blade cut through heavy agricultural land without difficulty. While cutting the sheet even ' polished ' was what ensured that this find a big breakthrough for agricultural production in America. With this discovery was born and the steel plow was the start for a great commercial success for the blacksmith John Deere. In 1850 he reached with this find an annual production of up to 1600 pieces teams. John Deere died In 1886 at 82 years of age. In 1918, Deere & Company itself for the first time on the market of tractors with the acquisition of Waterloo Gasoline Company of Waterloo, Illinois. The ' Waterloo Boy ' tractor was during the acquisition the Company and John Deere Waterloo tractor Gasoline production has produced this tractor to 1924. Then came the first real John Deere, the model D the D in the beginning had a two cylinder kerosene engine and was a huge success. Of this first real base model were there to 1953 more than 160,000 built in several versions. From 1924 to 1952 John Deere as type designation letters. Such as the GP series (1928) the A series (1937) and the B series (1938) which made up to 328,000. As the base engine has John Deere 2 cylinder used until 1960 the lying that the nickname Johnny Popper got because of its special sound. The German Lanz factories were taken over in 1958 by which one beside the United States, Mexico and Argentina obtained production facilities in Europe. Four and six-cylinder engines came in 1960 and were sitting in a new series of tractors referred with type numbers. These new types in America came on the market as the 1010. 2010.3010. and 4010. These tractors In Europe came as 100, 200, 300, and 500 on the market. The development of tractors with John Deere not stand still and people come every male with leading models on the market that many tractor fans know to bind to itself. From the beginning in 1837 to the present is John Deere has grown from village blacksmith to one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. On tools, new and used John Deere tractors for sale.

John Deere  
Technical information: 6100
Years 1992-1997
Engine model John Deere 4045
Cyl/Turbo/Intercooler 4
Displacement 4530
Bore x stroke mm 106,5x127
Max. power hp DIN/rpm 75/2300
Torque Nm DIN/rpm 300/1470
Cab noise level dB 75
Steering hydrost.
Synchronized gears 18+6/24+16
Quick-change gear -/4 speed.
Reverser hydr.
Speeds in km/h 1,4-40
Max. speed km/h (2WD: 30)
Hydraulic system:  
Hydr. flow l/min 60
Hydr. pressure bar 200
Lift capacity kg 3700
PTO speeds 540/1000
Dimensions & Weights:  
Weight kg 2WD 3700
Weight kg 4WD 3900
Height w cab cm 264
Length cm 410/414
Wheelbase cm 240
Fuel tank l 160
Turning circle m 2WD x
Turning circle m 4WD 8,82
Front tyres 2WD 10,00-16
Front tyres 4WD 13.6R24
Rear tyres 2WD 16.9R34
Rear tyres 4WD 16.9R34

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€ 12.500,00 - € 12.500,002 providers
John Deere 6100

John Deere 6100

  • 4wd tractors
  • 1995
  • Diesel
  • Used
  • EUR 12.500,00 Excl. VAT

John Deere 6100

John Deere 6100

  • 4wd tractors
  • 1994
  • Diesel
  • Unknown
  • EUR 12.750,00 on request