Metalworking Machinery

The metal processing section includes many different types of new and used metal processing machines. The present-day economy would not be possible without these important machines because many machines and tools are made from metal. Important metal processing machines include lathes, milling machines, sawing machines, brake presses and folding brakes. Also bending benches and punching and stamping machines must not be forgotten. New and used metal processing equipment is available for sale and for rent on Werktuigen. The Lathes category includes popular brands such as NN, HBM Machines, TOS, Weiss, and Mazak, frequently seen brands of Milling machines include HBM Machines, Deckel, and NN and important brands of Sawing machines include Pegas - Gonda, and Huvema. You can also find private labels here. If you are a machine builder and you produce your own brand, apply here and make use of the opportunities to draw attention to your product offered by Werktuigen.

The sale and rental advertisements in this and other sections are added to on a daily basis so that you can always find the latest selection. This makes the selection interesting for both businesses and private individuals. The Werktuigen website always has something on offer with its diversity of used and new machines and tools.

Machines and tools are also auctioned on Werktuigen; these items can be found under the heading of Auctions.

There is Machinery Specifications available for many machines where you can find specific information about the relevant machine. The names of the companies, such as importers or dealers, who can supply these machines or their parts are also mentioned, if Werktuigen knows them.