Knegt MS300

Category Fertilizing machines
Fertilizer spreading machines
Type Sales
Brand Knegt
Model MS300
Fuel Power Take-off
Condition New
Price EUR 660,00 Excl. VAT
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De kunstmeststrooier is geschikt voor granulair of poeder kunstmest alsook zand of zout.
Voorzien van robuuste kunststof trechter geschikt voor 300 liter en regelbare strooibreedte.
Geschikt voor aansluiting op 3-punts hefinrichting inclusief aftakas.

kunstmeststrooier 300                                       
* Robuuste kunststof trechter
* 300 liter
* Regelbare strooibreedte
* 3-puntsaansluiting
* Kunstmest, zand, zout

With over 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector we started developing Knegt tractors. They are produced by a manufacturer that builds tractors from 60 PS since 1954. By our inquiry to compact tractors, this factory started in January 2004 with the manufacture of these models. With our experience and knowledge and the experience that this factory, we developt a series of compact tractors, which have no equal. With the roll bar and complete lighting in combination with the safety rules that apply in Europe, the Knegt tractor is now a highly valued product. We would like to invite you for a viewing and test drive in one of our dealer points.
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Technical Specifications KNEGT MS300
Version of the model:
 3-Punt bevestiging
Transmission & speed:
Power takeoff:
 18.60Kw / 24.94Hp
 300L / 79US gal
 1 - 6Mtr
Operating weight:
 100kg / 220Lbs
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