John Deere 6120 Premium

Category Tractors
4wd Tractor
Type Sales
Brand John Deere
Model 6120 Premium
Year 2004
Condition Used
Price EUR 26.500,00 Excl. VAT
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Bedrijfsuren: 5.500
Toepassingsgebied: Landbouw
Vooras: Bandenmaat: 14.9x24
Achteras: Bandenmaat: 16.9x38
Aandrijving: Wiel
Vermogen: 63 kW (85 PK)
Aantal cilinders: 4
Motorinhoud: 4.500 cc
Doorvoercapaciteit: 60 l/m
Topsnelheid: 42 km/u
Meer informatie: Afdeling Verkoop Broekland

  • Left Hand Reverse

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machinenummer 60223
Pto: 540/540E/1000

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In the autumn of 2001, the John Deere 6020 series was presented. This JD 6020 was the successor of the JD 6010 series and had a distinctly different shape of the bonnet. The JD 6110 PQ was succeeded by the John Deere 6120 Premium, and that was the more luxurious model of the 6120 SE. The JD 6120 Premium used the same 83-horsepower 4.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine with mechanical injection. In 2003, the engine was equipped with electronic fuel injection that power did go up to 85 hp. Basic transmission was 40 km / h 4-speed 24 + 24 powerquad Plus while the electro-hydraulic shuttle left under the steering wheel was in. Optionally, there was also a 40 km / h to order EcoShift. The lifting force was increased compared to the previous 6110 model and the cabin had undergone some minor changes. Noise level was after 2003 with the engine with electronic injection 73 dB.
More machinery specifications by John Deere

Technical Specifications JOHN DEERE 6120 PREMIUM 4WD 2001-2006
Version of the model:
 4 Wheel drive
Production year:
 John Deere
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 64.00Kw / 85.82Hp
 60.00Kw / 80.46Hp
 331.00Nm / 244.94lb-ft
 106.50mm / 4.19Inch
 110.00mm / 4.33Inch
 4,530cm³ / 276ci³
 Elektronische injectie
Electrical system:
Power source:
 3.00Kw / 4.02Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 96.00L/m / 25.36gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 200.00Bar / 20.00Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 John Deere
 PowerQuad Plus
 Hydraulic wet disc
 4 Wheel Drive
Travel speed:
 1.60km/h / 0.99mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Optional transmissie:
Travel speed:
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Power takeoff:
 48.50Kw / 65.04Hp
Braking system:
 Wet disc brake
Service refill capacities:
 165.00L / 43.59US gal
 15.90L / 16.81US guart
 13.60L / 14.38US guart
Transport dimensions:
 4,290mm / 169Inch
 2,650mm / 104Inch
Height dimensions:
 2,650mm / 104Inch
Ground clearance:
 490mm / 19Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 13.6 R24
 16.9 R34
 2,400.00mm / 94.49Inch
Turning radius:
 4,410mm / 174Inch
Lifting capacity:
 4,560kg / 10,032Lbs
Operating weight:
 4,350kg / 9,570Lbs
Sound levels:
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