John Deere 6125R

Category Tractors
4wd Tractor
Type Sales
Brand John Deere
Model 6125R
Year 2015
Fuel Diesel
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Zeer nette en jonge trekker met 3690 dr uren. PQ+ met koppelknop, 40KM, TLS, 3dw en remventiel, luchtdruk, airco, hef-bediening op spatbord, achterruitenwisser, stoelverwarming. Achterbanden 650/60x38 50%, voorbanden 520/60x28 30%. Bezichtiging op afspraak!

In the autumn of 2011 John Deere introduced its 6R series as a replacement for the 7030 series. The total weight averaged 900 kg more than its predecessor and also had increased exterior dimensions. John Deere 6125R uses a 4.5-liter 138 hp PowerTech PVX 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine. If base transmission is a 4-speed Power Quad Plus 24 + 24 and offered an optional AutoQaud plus 24 + 24 with a 50 km / h or an Eco version of 40 km / h. There is also an Auto Power transmission available for the JD 6125R. With this variable transmission lets you shift smoothly from 0 to 40 or 50 km / h - and any speed in between. The cabin is redesigned and 20% larger than its predecessor, but the noise level is 72 dB slightly higher.
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Technical Specifications JOHN DEERE 6125 R 4WD
Version of the model:
 4 Wheel drive
Production year:
 John Deere
 PowerTech PVX
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 Tier 4 / Stage IIIB
 101.00Kw / 135.44Hp
 110.00Kw / 147.51Hp
 92.00Kw / 123.37Hp
 107.00Kw / 143.49Hp
 92.00Kw / 123.37Hp
 585.00Nm / 432.90lb-ft
 106.50mm / 4.19Inch
 127.00mm / 5.00Inch
 4,530cm³ / 276ci³
Electrical system:
Power source:
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Load-sensing axial piston pump
 80.00L/m / 21.14gpm
Optional main pump:
 114.00L/m / 30.12gpm
 4 + 3
Hydraulic pressure:
 200.00Bar / 20.00Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 John Deere
 PowerQuad Plus
 4 Wheel Drive
Travel speed:
 2.50km/h / 1.55mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Optional transmissie:
 AutoQuad Plus
 40 or 50 km/h
Travel speed:
 50.00km/h / 31.07mph
2e optional transmissie:
 AutoQuad Plus ECO Shift
Travel speed:
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
3e optional transmissie:
 Variabele transmissie
 0,05 km/u – 40 km/u of 50 km/u
Power takeoff:
Service refill capacities:
 220.00L / 58.12US gal
 265.00L / 70.01US gal
 22.00L / 23.26US guart
Transport dimensions:
 4,540mm / 179Inch
 2,430mm / 96Inch
 2,800mm / 110Inch
Height dimensions:
 2,800mm / 110Inch
Ground clearance:
 500mm / 20Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 540/65 R24
 600/65 R38
 2,580.00mm / 101.57Inch
Lifting capacity:
 6,000kg / 13,200Lbs
 4,000kg / 8,800Lbs
Operating weight:
 5,470kg / 12,034Lbs
 5,470kg / 12,034Lbs
Total weight:
 9,500kg / 20,900Lbs
Sound levels:
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