New Holland T8.360 UC

Category Tractors
Tractor with front linkage
Type Sales
Brand New Holland
Model T8.360 UC
Year 2014
Fuel Diesel
Condition Used
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Zeer nette trekker met maar 1670 dr uren van BJ 2014. PS, 50KM, geveerde vooras, geveerde cabine, 5dw, luchtdruk, LS-aansluiting, wielgewichten binnen- en buitenzijde achterwielen, GPS set compleet, leren stoel, 6-tons fronthef met 1 dw voorop, meedraaiende voorspatborden, achterruitenwisser, verstelbare boventrekhaak en zware onder treklat, hef- en pto-bediening op spatbord. Achterbanden 800/70x38 80%, voorbanden 600/70x30 70%. Bezichtiging op afspraak!

New Holland T8 series was presented in the autumn of 2010 and was the sister model of the Case IH Magnum Series. New Holland T8.360 used a 8.7 liter 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine with SCR technology. This FPT Industrial (Fiat / Iveco) diesel engine had EPM (Power Management) which provides the maximum power was 357 hp. Standard transmission was 40 km / h 18 + 4 Ultra Command full powershift transmission. This transmission was also at 40 km / h Eco or 50 km / h 19 + 4 Ultra Command transmission was named after the American vision for transmissions of large tractors. Optionally, there was also a 23 + 6 creep available. In the fall of 2013 there was also an Auto Command transmission available. The noise level in the cabin was 68 dB comfortable and most controls were included in the SideWinder armrest with Comma Grip. Were a standard IntelliView III monitor, automatic climate control and electrically adjustable mirrors.
More machinery specifications by New Holland

Technical Specifications NEW HOLLAND T8.360 UC 4WD 2011-
Version of the model:
 Ultra Command
 4 Wheel drive
Production year:
 FPT Industrial
 Cursor 9
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air cooled
 Tier 4 / Stage IIIA
 252.00Kw / 337.93Hp
 263.00Kw / 352.68Hp
 229.00Kw / 307.09Hp
 255.00Kw / 341.96Hp
 229.00Kw / 307.09Hp
 1,531.00Nm / 1,132.94lb-ft
 40 %
 117.00mm / 4.61Inch
 135.00mm / 5.31Inch
 8,700cm³ / 531ci³
 high-pressure common rail injection
Electrical system:
Power source:
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Closed Centre Load Sensing
 161.00L/m / 42.54gpm
Optional main pump:
 274.00L/m / 72.39gpm
 Electronic draft control
Hydraulic pressure:
 224.00Bar / 22.40Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 New Holland
 Ultra Command
 4 Wheel Drive
 Full-Powershift (40kph)
Travel speed:
 3.35km/h / 2.08mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Optional transmissie:
 Ultra Command
 full powershift
 40 kph ECO or 50 kph
Travel speed:
 50.00km/h / 31.07mph
2e optional transmissie:
 Ultra Command
 full powershift
 40 kph with Creeper
Travel speed:
 0.97km/h / 0.60mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
3e optional transmissie:
 Variabele transmissie
 Auto Command
Power takeoff:
 Auto Soft Start
Braking system:
 Hydraulic wet disc
Parking brake:
 Electronic park brake
Service refill capacities:
 651.00L / 171.99US gal
 89.00L / 23.51US gal
Transport dimensions:
 6,369mm / 251Inch
 2,534mm / 100Inch
 3,376mm / 133Inch
Height dimensions:
 3,376mm / 133Inch
Ground clearance:
 415mm / 16Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 600/70 R30
 710/70 R42
 3,450.00mm / 135.83Inch
Turning radius:
 4,970mm / 196Inch
Lifting capacity:
 10,200kg / 22,440Lbs
 5,810kg / 12,782Lbs
Operating weight:
 11,345kg / 24,959Lbs
Total weight:
 17,500kg / 38,500Lbs
Sound levels:
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