Atlas-Copco XAS 66 Dd

Category Compressor diesel
Screw compressor < 05 M³
Type Sales
Brand Atlas-Copco
Model XAS 66 Dd
Year 2007
Fuel Diesel
Condition Used
Price sold
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Merk : Mobiele Compressor Atlas-Copco
Type : XAS66
Serie nr : YA2 606239
Ltr/min : 3,7
Tank : 50
Aantal Cil. : Deutz 3 cil.
Bar : 7
Kenteken : WV-57-HG

Atlas Copco began as a simple railway construction company in 1873. Today, they are one of the leaders in the production of industrial products. Atlas Copco Gas and Process is a division the Group, a worldwide leader in the engineering or turbo compressors and expansion turbines in its own right. Always striving to improve, the company has developed a habit of innovation, believing that there is "always a better way". This page takes you back through the illustrious history of Atlas Copco, and illustrates their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. (Source Atlas-Copco)
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Atlas Copco portable air compressor    
Technical specifications: XAS 66  
Production year model/type 1997-2003  
Engine Deutz  
Engine model F3M 1011F  
Cil/Turbo/intercooler:  3  
Cooling system Oil  
Installed engine power (kW/Hp) 30,3 Kw  
Speed range (rpm) 2400  
Oil capacity engine (Ltr) x  
Fuel tank capacity (Ltr) 58  
Operational data:    
Volume flow (m3/min)  3,7  
Operating pressure (bar) 7  
Operating pressure range (bar)  7  
Oil capacity compressor (Ltr) 8  
Weights / Dimensions: with brakes without brakes
Operating weigh (kg) 819 787
Total length adjustable towbar (mm)  3484 3406
Total length straight towbar (mm) 3065 2987
Length of canopy (mm) x x
Width (mm) 1350  
Height (mm) 1273  
Compressed air outlets x  
Sound levels:    
Power sound level (dB(A) 100  
Pressure sound level (dB(A) 72  
KVA x  
Voltage (V) x  
Frequency (Hz) x  
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