Kubota U48-4

Category Crawler excavators
Mini excavator 5 ton
Type Sales
Brand Kubota
Model U48-4
Year 2014
Condition Used
Gewicht 4.775 kg
Urenstand 1.699 uur
Price EUR 23.000,00 Excl. VAT
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Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Aandrijving: Rups
CE markering: ja
Meer informatie: Geert Geuens (+32 497221561, +32 495 519 317, info@geuensmachines.be)

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Kubota was founded in 1890 and is located in Osaka Japan. The products range from diesel engines, lawnmowers and tractors to pipelines and water treatment plants. In 1969 began with exports to the United States of a Kubota 21PK mini tractor. This was an instant success, and in 1972 in Torrance, California founded the Kubota Tractor Corporation . Because American manufacturers had withdrawn itself from this market is the brand become a name for mini tractors.
More machinery specifications by Kubota

Kubota Excavator  
Technical specifications: U48-4
Production year model/type _
Engine: Kubota 4 Cil.
Engine model:  V2607-DI
Rated output: 28.8Kw/40.5Hp/2200Rpm
Maximum torque: x
Displacement: 2615 cc
Fuel:  Diesel
Hydrauliek system:  
Capacity hydraulic tank: 45 Ltr
Capacity hydraulic system: 79 Ltr
Pump hydraulic flow capacity: 118.8 Ltr/min
Auxilary flow capacity: (option) 70 Ltr/min
Maximum working pressure: 250 bar
Dimensions & weight: Standard arm 1450mm
Operating weight cab: 4775Kg
Operating weight canopy: _
Length transport 5330mm
Height cab: 2550mm
Height canopy: _
Height transport:  2550mm
Body width:  1960mm
Width over tracks: 1960mm
Width dozer blade: 1960mm
Lenght tracks on the ground: 1990mm
Track width: 400mm
Ground pressure: 0.27 kg/cm²
Gradebility: x
Fuel tank: 68 Ltr
Operating information: Standard arm 1450mm
Max. reach at ground level: 5710mm
Max. loading height: 3770mm
Max. digging depth: 3380mm
Max. cutting height: 5440mm
Maximum travel speed: 2.8-4.9 Km/h
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Kubota U48-4


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