JCB 8014

Category Excavators
Mini excavator 1.5 ton
Type Sales
Brand JCB
Model 8014
Year 2012
Condition Used
Price EUR 8.000,00 Excl. VAT
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Bedrijfsuren: 1.460
Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Aandrijving: Rups
Ledig gewicht: 1.426 kg
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The JCB machines have an ultra modern look, an intelligent control system and give a lot of power, good performance and operation cost.
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JCB Excavator  
Technical specifications: 8014
Production year model/type 2006-
Engine: (Make/Cil) Perkins 3 Cil.
Engine model:  403C-II
Rated output: (Kw/Hp/Rpm) 13,7/18,4/2200
Maximum torque: (Nm/Rpm) 60,8/1600
Displacement: (cc) 1131
Fuel:  Diesel
Hydrauliek system:  
Capacity hydraulic tank: (Ltr) 25
Capacity hydraulic system: (Ltr) 28
Pump hydraulic flow capacity: (Ltr/min) x
Auxilary flow capacity: (option) Ltr/min) 26,9
Maximum working pressure: (Bar) 230
Dimensions & weight:  
Operating weight cab: (Kg) 1564
Operating weight canopy: (Kg) 1484
Length transport: (mm) 3346
Height cab: (mm) 2318
Height canopy: (mm) 2304
Height transport: (mm) 2318
Body width: (mm) 980
Width over tracks: (mm) 972
Width dozer blade: (mm) 1000
Lenght tracks on the ground: (mm) 1027
Track width: (mm) 230
Ground pressure: (kg/cm²) 0,33
Gradebility: (%/°) x
Fuel tank: (Ltr) 23,5
Operating information:  
Max. reach at ground level: (mm) 3764
Max. loading height: (mm) 2501
Max. digging depth: (mm) 2044
Max. cutting height: (mm) 3393
Maximum travel speed: (Km/h) 1,8
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