Yanmar Vio 20

Category Excavators
Mini excavator 2 ton
Type Sales
Brand Yanmar
Model Vio 20
Year 2010
Condition Used
Price EUR 12.000,00 Excl. VAT
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Bedrijfsuren: 3.650
Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Aandrijving: Rups
Ledig gewicht: 2.405 kg
CE markering: ja

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1912 Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho (Engine Manufacturing Company) the forerunner of Yanmar Diesel engine co., Ltd founded by Yamaoka Magokichi in Osaka. For the brand name was chosen in 1921 and YANMAR in that year, the first rijstpelmachine produced by Yanmar powered by an electric motor. The first diesel engine that was developed by Yanmar was in 1930, it was a vertical 2-Cycle 5 HP diesel engine, this Yanmar diesel engine was bought by the Ministry of agriculture. After that it was the first in the world to Yanmar in 1933 a small horizontal diesel engine developed and in production. After these successes was there in 1938 started exporting Yanmar Diesel Engines to the Philippines and India. After the war, restored the damaged factories and started the mass production of small ship diesels. This laid the Foundation for the motorization of small Japanese fishing boats. In 1952, the company name changed to Yanmar Diesel Engine Company Limited and recapitalised on 300 million yen. It was also that year the 4-stroke horizontal water cooled engine developed. Over the years, Yanmar numerous worldwide production capabilities acquired by, among others, in Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia. Besides also produces engines Yanmar Excavators, dump trucks and tractors. In 1992, the 80 year history of Yanmar celebrated.
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Technische informatie: VIO20
Model/type jaar: n.b.
Merk motor:  Yanmar
Cil/Turbo/Intercooler 3
Motor type/nummer:  3TNV76-PBV
Capaciteit in Kw/pk/rpm: 14,3 / 19,4
Max. draaimoment Nm / rpm: 68,8/1800
Cilinderinhoud (cm³) 1115
Brandstof:  Diesel
Inhoud hydraulischetank (liter) n.b.
Totaal inhoud hydraulische circuit (ltr) 35
Capaciteit extra functie ltr/min:  28,1-42,7
Maximale werkdruk (bar) 170
Maten en gewichten:  
Machinegewicht cabine/canopy (kg) 2320/2215
Machine transportlengte (cm) 390
Machine breedte (cm) 138
Machine breedte rijwerk (cm) 138
Lengte onderwagen (cm) 189
Machine hoogte (cabine cm) 245,8
Machine hoogte (canopy cm) n.b.
Breedte standaard rupsen (cm) 25
Gronddruk (kg/cm²) 0,38
Inhoud brandstoftank (liter) 28,5
Graafbereik maaiveld (cm) 425,5
Laad/uitstorthoogte (cm) 274
Max. graafdiepte (cm) 250,5
Max. graafhoogte (cm) 399,5
Max. rijsnelheid laag/hoog (km/h) 2,2 - 4,4

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