Volvo L120G High Lift 4X4 Nice and clean condition - L5 tyres

Category Wheel loaders & crawler loaders
Wheel loader 22 ton
Type Sales
Brand Volvo
Model L120G High Lift
Title 4X4 Nice and clean condition - L5 tyres
Year 2011
Fuel Diesel
Condition Used
Price EUR 79.800,00 Excl. VAT
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Bedrijfsuren: 9.209
Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Vooras: Bandenmaat: 23.5 R 25; Bandenprofiel: 40%
Achteras: Bandenmaat: 23.5 R 25; Bandenprofiel: 40%
Vermogen: 178 kW (242 PK)
Aantal cilinders: 6
GVW: 21.600 kg
CE markering: ja
Referentienummer: 70095090

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Motortype: D8H
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Volvo presented in 2011, the L120G High Lift wheel loader. This wheel loader with a long boom was the direct successor of the L120F High Lift (2007-2011). The L120G uses a 7.7 liter 6 cylinder D8 Volvo turbo diesel engine of 270 hp. The fuel consumption of the Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Interim engine is greatly reduced. This is partly due to a ecopedaal efficient use of the engine speed. Standard transmission is an automatic power shift (APS) 4 forward and 4 reverse gears. The L120G High Lift is a true production loader with high levels of safety and comfort in the form of a sophisticated Care Cab safety Cab. Noise at this workplace is only 68 dB. The standard container has a capacity of 3,300 liters and the dump height of 3350 mm with this bucket. With more than 11.9 tons in the tank come back wheels only "loose" (Tipping Load). The operational load of the Volvo L120G High Lift wheel loader is determined by Volvo 6,000 kg. Operational weight of the L120G High Lift is 19.4 tons.
More machinery specifications by Volvo

Technical Specifications VOLVO L120G HIGH LIFT
Version of the model:
 Long Boom
 TP (Torque Parallel)
Production year:
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 Tier 4i
 201.00Kw / 269.54Hp
 200.00Kw / 268.20Hp
 1,320.00Nm / 976.80lb-ft
 7,750cm³ / 473ci³
 high-pressure common rail injection
Electrical system:
Power source:
 5.50Kw / 7.38Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Axial piston pumps
 135.00L/m / 35.67gpm
 135.00L/m / 35.67gpm
 33.00L/m / 8.72gpm
 Load Sensing
Hydraulic pressure:
 290.00Bar / 29.00Mpa
 290.00Bar / 29.00Mpa
 290.00Bar / 29.00Mpa
Hydraulic cycle time:
Transmission & speed:
 Automatische PowrShift (APS)
 4 Wheel Drive
 Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) with fully automatic shifting
Travel speed:
 7.00km/h / 4.35mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Braking system:
 Dual-circuit system
 Hydraulic disc brake
Parking brake:
 Disc brake built into the transmission
Service refill capacities:
 269.00L / 71.07US gal
 133.00L / 35.14US gal
 22.00L / 23.26US guart
 43.00L / 45.46US guart
 38.00L / 40.17US guart
 36.00L / 38.06US guart
 36.00L / 38.06US guart
Transport dimensions:
 7,067mm / 278Inch
 3,000mm / 118Inch
 3,380mm / 133Inch
Length dimensions:
 8,670mm / 341Inch
Height dimensions:
 3,380mm / 133Inch
Ground clearance:
 440mm / 17Inch
Upper structure:
 Long boom
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 750/65 R25
 3,200.00mm / 125.98Inch
 2,070mm / 81Inch
Width over tires:
 2,670mm / 105Inch
 Articulated frame steering
Turning radius:
 3,060mm / 120Inch
 5,730mm / 226Inch
 6,335mm / 249Inch
Standard bucket:
 3,000mm / 118Inch
 3.30M3 / 3,300.00Liter
 3.60M3 / 3,600.00Liter
Lifting capacity:
With bucket:
 11,980kg / 26,356Lbs
 10,140kg / 22,308Lbs
 6,085kg / 13,387Lbs
 188.00kN / 18,800.00daN
Maximum loading height:
 4,306mm / 170Inch
 3,350mm / 132Inch
 4,618mm / 182Inch
Operating weight:
 19,450kg / 42,790Lbs
 19,450kg / 42,790Lbs
Sound levels:
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