Volvo L150E

Category Wheel loaders & crawler loaders
Wheel loader
Type Sales
Characteristic 1_100012693
Brand Volvo
Model L150E
Year 2006
Condition Used
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Kleur: Original
Bedrijfsuren: 14.782
Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Aandrijving: Wiel
Ledig gewicht: 26.100 kg
Merk motor: Volvo D12D
Algemene staat: gemiddeld
Technische staat: gemiddeld
Optische staat: gemiddeld
Referentienummer: L17041812
Fully rebuilt by VOLVO at 10520 hours (engine, gear box, hydraulic pumps)
Central lubrication; airco
Afmetingen (LxBxH) (m): 8.7x3x3.6

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The Volvo wheel loader L150E is for sale for its users since 2002. This direct successor of the L150D (2000-2002) used a 12-liter D12 Volvo turbo diesel engine of 284 hp. These low emission engine delivers even at low speed high performance. As transmission, the Volvo L150E familiar Volvo 4 speed Automatic Power Shift (APS) transmission which this wheel loader dynamic, agile and easy to ride. The noise level in the safety and comfort cab with 69 dB very comfortable. From here, the operator has an optimal overview of his work and he can control the L150E with precision thanks to the patented TP-linkage and load-sensing hydraulics. The standard container has a capacity of 3800 liters and the dump height of 2990 mm with this bucket. With more than 17.5 tons in the tank come back wheels only "loose" (Tipping Load). The operational load of the Volvo L150E wheel loader is determined by Volvo at 9400 kg. The weight is 23 tons ready.
More machinery specifications by Volvo

Technical Specifications VOLVO L150E
Version of the model:
 Standard boom
 TP (Torque Parallel)
Production year:
 D9A LB E2
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 211.00Kw / 282.95Hp
 210.00Kw / 281.61Hp
 1,440.00Nm / 1,065.60lb-ft
 9,410cm³ / 574ci³
Motor optional:
 D12D LD E3
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 210.00Kw / 281.61Hp
 1,432.00Nm / 1,059.68Lbf ft
Electrical system:
Power source:
 5.40Kw / 7.24Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Axial piston pumps
 180.00L/m / 47.56gpm
 180.00L/m / 47.56gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 210.00Bar / 21.00Mpa
 35.00Bar / 3.50Mpa
 260.00Bar / 26.00Mpa
Hydraulic cycle time:
Transmission & speed:
 Automatische PowrShift (APS)
 4 Wheel Drive
 Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) with fully automatic shifting
Travel speed:
 6.80km/h / 4.23mph
 39.40km/h / 24.48mph
Braking system:
 Dual-circuit system
Brake discs per wheel:
Parking brake:
 Disc brake built into the transmission
Service refill capacities:
 370.00L / 97.75US gal
 156.00L / 41.22US gal
 39.50L / 41.76US guart
 47.00L / 49.68US guart
 45.00L / 47.57US guart
 45.00L / 47.57US guart
 55.00L / 58.14US guart
Transport dimensions:
 7,030mm / 277Inch
 3,000mm / 118Inch
 3,580mm / 141Inch
Length dimensions:
 8,790mm / 346Inch
Height dimensions:
 3,580mm / 141Inch
Ground clearance:
 450mm / 18Inch
Upper structure:
 Long boom
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 26.5 R25
 3,550.00mm / 139.76Inch
 2,280mm / 90Inch
Width over tires:
 2,950mm / 116Inch
 Articulated frame steering
Turning radius:
 3,380mm / 133Inch
 6,780mm / 267Inch
 7,270mm / 286Inch
Standard bucket:
 3,000mm / 118Inch
 3.80M3 / 3,800.00Liter
 4.20M3 / 4,200.00Liter
Lifting capacity:
With bucket:
 17,820kg / 39,204Lbs
 15,680kg / 34,496Lbs
 9,405kg / 20,691Lbs
 186.90kN / 18,690.00daN
Maximum loading height:
 3,960mm / 156Inch
 2,990mm / 118Inch
 4,350mm / 171Inch
Operating weight:
 23,020kg / 50,644Lbs
 23,020kg / 50,644Lbs
Sound levels:
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