Merlo P25.6

Category Telehandler
Telehandler 06 meter
Type Sales
Characteristic Merlo P 25.6 (3887)
Brand Merlo
Model P25.6
Year 2012
Fuel Diesel
Condition Used
Price EUR 28.000,00 Excl. VAT
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Bouwjaar: 2012
Uren: 1937
Hefcapaciteit: 2,50 ton
Hefhoogte: 6,00 m
Motor: Kubota Turbo 55Kw
Bandenmaat: 12/16.5
Resterend profiel voorbanden: 70-80%
Resterend profiel achterbanden: 70-80%
incl. vorken

Année de construction: 2012
Heures: 1937
Capacité de levage: 2.50 tonnes
Hauteur de levage: 6.00 m
Moteur: Kubota Turbo 55Kw
Taille des pneus: 12 / 16.5
Profilé restant de pneus avant: 70-80%
Pneus arrières à profil restant: 70-80%
y compris les fourches

Year of construction: 2012
Hours: 1937
Lifting capacity: 2.50 tons
Lifting height: 6.00 m
Engine: Kubota Turbo 55Kw
Tire size: 12 / 16.5
Remaining profile front tires: 70-80%
Remaining profile rear tires: 70-80%
incl. forks

Baujahr: 2012
Stunden: 1937
Tragfähigkeit: 2,50 Tonnen
Hubhöhe: 6,00 m
Motor: Kubota Turbo 55Kw
Reifengröße: 12 / 16,5
Restprofil-Vorderreifen: 70-80%
Restprofil-Hinterreifen: 70-80%
inkl. Gabeln

Industrieterrein Berkebossen - IJzeren Rijnstraat 2 - 2490 Balen

The Italian started in 1911 as a local forge Merlo is in Cuneo, in the Northwest of Italy. In the 1960s, the company operates on an industrial scale with the development of off road concrete mixers and dumpers. Later the first off-road forklift added to the program. In 1981 the first Merlo telescopic handler Merlo produced the SM 30. This exclusive design with hydrostatic drive offered all performances of a forklift using a hydraulic telescopic crane arm. The model had immediate success on the market and in 1987 followed the Panoramic XS series with a side-mounted engine and a low hinged the boom at the rear part of the chassis. Sales volumes continued to increase so that in 1991 the first Merlo telescopic handler was presented with rotary upper arm. The Merlo Roto 25.11 XS. The company had a significant lead over the competition and later designed the Merlo panoramic Evolution Series and the famous Merlo turbo farmer and Merlo multi farmer. In particular the Merlo multifarmer is a revolutionary multifunctional machine which all capacities in it by rough terrain forklift and tractor. On tools are new and used Merlo telescopic handlers for sale and for hire.
More machinery specifications by Merlo

Merlo Telehandler  
Technical specifications: P25.6
Production year model/type x
Engine: Kubota
Cil/Turbo/intercooler:  4
Engine model:  x
Capacity in Kw/pk/Rpm: 55/75/?
Maximum torque: Nm/rpm: x
Displacement (cm³) x
Fuel:  Diesel
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Steering: 4 wheel steer
Hydrauliek system:  
Capacity hydraulic tank (liter) 70
Capacity hydraulic system (liter) x
Pump flow capacity: (ltr/min)  80
Maximum working pressure: (bar) 210
Dimensions & weight:  
Operating weight: (kg) 4500
Transport lenght (mm) 3900
Transport height (mm) 1920
Height to top of cab (mm) 1920
Width over tires: (mm) 1800
Wheelbase: (mm) 2450
Tires front: 12-16.5
Tires rear: 12-16.5
Minimum turning Circle over tires: (mm) 6740
Fuel tank (liter) 70
Operating specifications:  
Rated load capacity: (kg) 2500
Maximum lift height: (mm) 5900
Maximum forward reach: (mm) 3300
Capacity at max height (kg)  1750
Capacity at max reach (kg)  1000
Top travel speed: (km/u) 36
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