Manitou MT1740 SL Turbo

Category Telehandler
Telehandler 17 meter
Type Sales
Brand Manitou
Model MT1740 SL Turbo
Year 2005
Condition Used
Price EUR 22.500,00 Excl. VAT
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Bedrijfsuren: 3.610
Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Hefcapaciteit: 4.000 kg
Hefhoogte: 1.700 cm
Meer informatie: Geert Geuens (+32 497 213 651, +32 495 519 317,

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Manitou MT 1740 SLT (Load Sensing turbo) telehandler has a 4,000 kg lift capacity. This four wheel drive telehandler uses a 4.4 liter 4 cylinder Perkins turbo diesel 100 hp. Standard transmission is a 25 km / h mechanical transmission of four forward and four reverse gears. The telescopic mast of the MT1740 SL Turbo can be extended to 12.35 meters to a loading height height of 16.65 meters is achievable. Transport width of this Manitou telehandler measured on standard 440 / 80-24 tires is 2425 mm and operating weight of 11.3 tonnes.
More machinery specifications by Manitou

Technical Specifications MANITOU MT1740 SL TURBO
Version of the model:
 4,000kg / 8,800Lbs
 16,650mm / 656Inch
Production year:
 1104C 44T
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 74.50Kw / 99.90Hp
 412.00Nm / 304.88lb-ft
 105.00mm / 4.13Inch
 127.00mm / 5.00Inch
 4,400cm³ / 269ci³
Electrical system:
Power source:
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Gear pump
 196.00L/m / 51.78gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 260.00Bar / 26.00Mpa
Hydraulic cycle time:
Transmission & speed:
 Torque Convertor
 Electro - hydraulic
 4 Wheel Drive
Travel speed:
 25.00km/h / 15.53mph
Braking system:
 Multidisc brakes - hydraulically assisted on both axles
Service refill capacities:
 135.00L / 35.67US gal
 175.00L / 46.24US gal
 11.00L / 11.63US guart
 18.50L / 19.56US guart
 16.00L / 16.91US guart
Transport dimensions:
 5,955mm / 234Inch
 2,425mm / 95Inch
 2,590mm / 102Inch
Length dimensions:
 5,955mm / 234Inch
Height dimensions:
 2,590mm / 102Inch
 1,880mm / 74Inch
Ground clearance:
 495mm / 19Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 440/80 R24
 2,770.00mm / 109.06Inch
 1,990mm / 78Inch
Width over tires:
 2,425mm / 95Inch
 Front/Crab/All wheel
Turning radius:
 1,470mm / 58Inch
 4,150mm / 163Inch
 5,750mm / 226Inch
Standard Forks:
 1,200mm / 47Inch
 125mm / 5Inch
 50mm / 2Inch
 500mm / 20Inch
 1,040mm / 41Inch
Lift height:
 16,650mm / 656Inch
 12,000mm / 472Inch
Reach forward:
 12,350mm / 486Inch
 4,500mm / 177Inch
Lifting capacity:
On stabilissers:
 4,000kg / 8,800Lbs
 2,500kg / 5,500Lbs
 700kg / 1,540Lbs
 980kg / 2,156Lbs
 89.00kN / 8,900.00daN
Drawbar pull:
 98.00kN / 9,800.00daN
Operating weight:
 11,220kg / 24,684Lbs
 11,220kg / 24,684Lbs
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