Hermle UWF 851

Category Metal milling machine
Universal metal milling machine CNC
Type Sales
Brand Hermle
Model UWF 851
Condition Used
Price EUR 7.500,00 Excl. VAT
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Cnc freesbank
X-travel:600 mm
Y-travel:450 mm
Z-travel:400 mm
Dimensions:2,7 x 2,5 x 2,0 m
Table-size:850 x 440 mm
Quill stroke:80 mm
Spindle drive:5,9 kW
Spindle taper:SK 40
Power feed x/y/z: 7200 N
Rapid traverse vertical:10 m/min
Total power requirement: 12 kW
Weight of the machine ca.:3 t
Spindle turning speed range:20 - 4000 U/min
Feeds longditudinal/cross/vertical:1 - 2000 mm/min
Rapid traverse longitudinal and cross:10 m/minHermle UWF 851 H
Baujahr 1991
Steuerung Heidenhain 407-415
x-Weg 600 mm
y-Weg 450 mm
z-Weg 400 mm
Tisch 850 x 440 mm
Spindelaufnahme SK 40
Spindeldrehzahlen 20 - 4000 U/min
Spindelmotor 5,9 kW
Pinolenhub 80 mm
Vorschuebe 1 - 2000 mm/min
Vorschubkraft x/y/z 7200 N
Eilgang 10 m/min
Gesamtleistungsbedarf 12 kW
Maschinengewicht ca. 3 t
Abmessungen L x B x H 2,7 x 2,5 x 2,0 m

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