Bewo CPO 315 HT

Category Metal sawing machines
Metal cutting circular saw
Type Sales
Brand Bewo
Model CPO 315 HT
Condition New
Price EUR 3.850,00 Excl. VAT
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Bewo Cirkelzaagmachines
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Merk: Bewo
Type: 315 HT
Bouwjaar: Nieuw
Voor een Bewo zaagmachine of onderdelen bent u bij ons op het juiste adres , ook voor onderdelen .Ruim 40 jaar ervaring met Bewo cirkelzaagmachines.

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Prakash, respected all over the world today for its advanced designs or automatic circular saws for metals, owes much of this success to the well-known CPO range, which was developed and came into production some 60 years ago.
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Bewo manuel Saws for metal  
Technical information: CPO 315 HT
Material support height (mm) x
Saw blade dimensions (mm) 315
Blade speed (m/min) 37/74 (high speed)
Cutting range:  
Sawing capacity 90° round (mm) 110
Sawing capacity 45° round (mm) 110
Sawing capacity 60° round (mm) 110
Sawing capacity 90° square (mm) 100x100
Sawing capacity 45° square (mm) 90x90
Sawing capacity 60° square (mm) 90x90
Sawing capacity 90° rectangular (mm) 140x90
Sawing capacity 45° rectangular (mm) 100x90
Sawing capacity 60° rectangular (mm) 100x90
Motor Power:  
Electric power (V) 400
Electric saw motor (Kw) x
Electric hydraulic motor (Kw) x
Electric coolant motor (Kw) x
Dimensions & Weight:  
Hydraulic tank (Ltr) x
Coolant tank (Ltr) 30
Length (mm) 970
Width (mm) 555
Heigth (mm) 1750
Packaging dimensions LxWxH (mm) x
Gross Weight (kg) 187
Netto Weight (kg) x
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