Carif 260 BSA

Category Sawing machine metal / aluminum
Metal band sawing machines 380/400 V
Type Sales
Brand Carif
Model 260 BSA
Condition New
Price EUR 5.200,00 Excl. VAT
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Bandzaagmachine Carif 260 BSA
Machinenummer: 4392
Merk: Carif
Type: 260 BSA
Bouwjaar: Nieuw
Zaagcapaciteit 90°:
* Rond: 220 mm.
* Vierkant: 220 mm.
Zaagcapaciteit 45°:
* Rond: 150 mm.
* Vierkant: 150 mm.
* Rechthoek: 150x150 mm.
Zaagcapaciteit 60°:
* Rond: 90 mm.
* Vierkant: 60 mm.
* Rechthoek: 90x60 mm.
Gewicht : 320 Kg.
Zaagblad: 2450x27x0,9 mm.
Zaagsnelheid: 33-66 m/min.

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Carif Band Saws for metal  
Technical information:
Carif 260 BSA - semi-automatic fully hydraulic
Material support height (mm) 830
Saw blade dimensions (mm) 250x27x0,9
Blade speed (m/min) 33-66
Cutting range:  
Sawing capacity 90° round (mm) 220
Sawing capacity 45° round (mm) 130(-)/150(+)
Sawing capacity 60° round (mm) 90
Sawing capacity 90° square (mm) 220
Sawing capacity 45° square (mm) 100(-)/150(+)
Sawing capacity 60° square (mm) 60
Sawing capacity 90° rectangular (mm) 260x150/300x120 (optional)
Sawing capacity 45° rectangular (mm) 120x100(-)/150x150(+)
Sawing capacity 60° rectangular (mm) 90x60
Motor Power:  
Electric power (V) 400
Electric saw motor (Kw) 1,4/(2,2 optional)
Electric hydraulic motor (Kw) x
Electric coolant motor (Kw) 0,1
Dimensions & Weight:  
Hydraulic tank (Ltr) x
Coolant tank (Ltr) x
Length (mm) 1200
Width min/max (mm) 700
Heigth min/max (mm) 1300
Packaging dimensions LxWxH (mm) x
Gross Weight (kg) 320
Netto Weight (kg) x
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