Ciata P-125 HE

Category Workshop presses
Garage press 25 ton hydraulic
Type Sales
Characteristic 5415-1887177938184315
Brand Ciata
Model P-125 HE
Fuel Hydraulic
Condition New
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CIATA hydraulische werkplaatspers met handbediende lift
Type P125/HE

Inclusief V-blokken en manometer

- Capaciteit 25T
- Cylinderslag 114 mm
- Gewicht 155 kg

Topkwaliteit uit Portugal !

Is the registered trade-mark CIATA for all the equipments produced by Costa & Garcia, SA. Since 1969 the CIATA products have been consolidating their position in the Portuguese market as a result of their quality and design.

CIATA ENERGY – Power Engineering CIATA ELECTRONICS – Welding equipment CIATA AUTOMOTIV – Automotive equipment CIATA POWER CLEANER-high-pressure Washers.

More machinery specifications by Ciata

Manual Hydraulic Presses Ciata  
Model specifications P-125/HE
Capacity (Ton) 25
Ram Stroke (mm) 115
Oil flow (ltr/min) x
Speed (m/s) x
Dimensions & weight:  
Frame height: (mm) 980
Total height: (mm) 1890
Length inside: (mm) 510
Length outside: (mm) 900
Width inside: (mm) 140
Width outside: (mm) 500
Weight (kg) 155
All CIATA manual presses are equipped with a manual pump with a
lever command. With one or two speeds, depending on the model,
there is a wide range with capacities from 15 ton to 100 ton. The presses
are equipped with an automatic return piston and a safety valve
to prevent over pressures. The model P-125/HE and all above the 35
ton capacity are equipped with a manual crank for the displacement
of the table.  
(Information may vary with any machines on offer)
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