Komptech Farwick Maxx

Category Screening and separation machinery
Mobile drum screening machine
Type Sales
Brand Komptech
Model Farwick Maxx
Year 2004
Condition Used
Price EUR 53.500,00 Excl. VAT
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Komptech Farwick Maxx

Bouwjaar: 2004
Motor: 4 cilinder Perkins Turbo
Uren op display: 7874

Lucht geremd
Lucht geveerd
4x hydraulisch gestempeld
Hydraulische vuilklep
2x trommel 20x20 / 40x40 mm
2 delige hydraulische afvoerband circa 6 meter
Getrokken uitvoering
CE gecertificeerd
Banden: 315-80-22.5 70%
Gewicht: 16000kg

Komptech Farwick Maxx

Year of construction: 2004
Engine: 4 cylinder Perkins Turbo
Hours on display: 7874

Air brakes
Air suspended
4x hydraulically outriggers
Hydraulic dirt flap
Remote control
2x drum 20x20 / 40x40 mm
2-part hydraulic conveyor belt ca 6 meters
Trailed version
CE certified
Tires: 315-80-22.5 70%
Weight: 16000kg

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