Toolstore Diesel Waterpomp set 3" Diesel Waterpomp set , 3"

Category Water pumps
Dirty water pump
Type Sales
Brand Toolstore
Model Diesel Waterpomp set 3"
Title Diesel Waterpomp set , 3"
Fuel Diesel
Condition New
Price EUR 550,00 Excl. VAT
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Diesel Waterpomp , 3"

Model 80KB-3LE


Zuig Diameter : 3"

Capaciteity : 36.m3/h

hoogte : 13.Mtr

Motor Model : YM178FE

Type : Lucht Gekoeld

Start Systeem : Elektrisch

Brandstof Tank : 8 Ltr

Gewicht : 60.Kg

Afmeting :(LxBxH) 720 x 480 x 

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