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Forklift 1.6 ton diesel on Werktuigen

Forklift 1.6 ton diesel used and new are for sale and for rent offered on Werktuigen. On Forklift 1.6 ton diesel are placed under the category Forklifts & telehandlers.

For information to buy or selling a second hand 1,6 ton forklift you can quickly and easily to contact with the supplier of Forklift 1,6 ton diesel. Diesel Forklifts up to 1600 kg load capacity are widely used in medium and large businesses. 1,6 Tons forklifts are strong, agile and easy to operate. For this mid-sized trucks are many attachments available. Many manufacturers which include Doosan, Hyster, Still, Toyota, Hyundai, Caterpillar and Linde have specialized in this 1,6 ton diesel class. Diesel trucks in the 1,6 Tons class can also be rented for short or extended periods. Renting diesel trucks entails many advantages. Thus, the rental company what the 1,6 Tons truck usually rents responsible for all maintenance, while the tenant only for the term of the lease payments is responsible. Diesel forklifts with lifting capacities from 1600 kg belong to the middle for loading and unloading operations in outside areas.

On Werktuigen you will find every popular brand forklift 1.6 ton diesel. Well-known and popular brands are: Linde forklift 1.6 ton diesel and Still forklift 1.6 ton diesel.

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Many different forklift 1.6 ton diesel are offered for sale on Werktuigen. Quickly find the forklift 1.6 ton diesel you are looking for, by using our unique class structure and the extensive filtering capabilities.

Found forklift 1.6 ton diesel that appeal to you, you can directly contact the service provider. In each ad you can find the details of the advertiser and the contact details. You can directly send an email through the contact form.

New or used forklift 1.6 ton diesel

On Werktuigen you will find a wide range of forklift 1.6 ton diesel, used and new.

This range is divided into several specific categories such as: Forklift 2.5 ton diesel, Forklift 15 ton diesel, Forklift 3.5 ton diesel, Forklift 2 ton diesel, and Forklift 4.5 ton diesel. Here you will find popular models new or used forklift 1.6 ton diesel such as: Linde H16D-01, Linde H16D-03 and Still R70-16.

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Selling of forklift 1.6 ton diesel is done via Werktuigen. Cheap, easy and fast! Through our different advertising possibilities we offer a suitable option for every seller. Your forklift 1.6 ton diesel are posted on and also displayed automatically and free of charge on, and our internationally oriented marketplace

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