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Official Dealer mention

W-Equipment has introduced online Machine Specifications, a new place on W-Equipment where renowned brand names can showcase their product details to about 200,000 buying visitors. Official suppliers will be named as Dealer.  This is an extra sales channel for your company with which you can reach potential buyers.

Why have product details on W-Equipment?
In research it appears that an increasingly larger proportion of users of industrial machines familiarise themselves online before making a purchase. They are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the use of product-specific search terms in search machines like W-Equipment is taking advantage of this search behaviour and offers brand names and dealers various presentation options.

What are the advantages to sellers?

  • Greater reach among visitors interested in buying
  • Mentioned as dealer of one or more brands
  • Improved indexing of your brand or company on search machines
  • Saves time by adding product details for machines to be sold

What are the advantages to buyers?
  • Complete and correct product details accompanying advertisement

When Dealer
You will be listed as a dealer of Adversitement 25 or higher. As a dealer of more brands you can choose a higher Advertisement to be listed for all your brands.

Adversitement 25              1 dealer   entries
Adversitement 50              2 dealers entries
Adversitement 100            3 dealers entries
Adversitement 150            4 dealers entries
Adversitement 250            5 dealers entries
Adversitement unlimited    6 dealera entries

If you have any questions about Machine Specifications, send a mail to or phone +31(0)10 – 4519188.
A W-Equipment employee will try to answer your question as well as possible.