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Linking stock

Option 1: Linking stock to W-Equipment
Nobody wants to do the same work twice. Your whole stock of machines will be automatically synchronised everyday by W-Equipment Pro's automatic stock link.

How does it work?
You enter your machine stock on your own website.
Your stock is automatically picked up by means of a 'XML link'.
Your stock on W-Equipment is automatically updated. The W-Equipment Pro automatic link
can make a link with most CMS packages.

You will pay € 8.50 per month for this.

Option 2: Linking stock via Hexon
With a connection to the ‘Hexon automatic link’, your machine stock is entered via W-Equipment in the Hexon system and then automatically sent on to all the required portals. Entering your stock on all the various market places is definitely a thing of the past.

The cost of this is available upon request.