Renault came In 1921 with the first wheeled tractor with a 20 HP renault petrol engine and type designation HO. 5 years later in 1926 came Renault with the PE on the market and it had the same engine as the HO. In 1931 the PE succeeded by the PE 1. The first semi diesel tractor was presented in 1928 with a 2 cylinder hot bulb engine with type designation RK. His opvloger came in 1933 with a renault 4 cylinder diesel engine of 30 HP, the VY. Up to the beginning of the second world war, still different petrol and diesel tractors on the market such as VI, VY, YL, AFV, AFX and Dim. In the long term, the number of models was so much that there could be no more with 1 letter will suffice and that there so later 2 or 3 letters were used as type designation. During the second world war, there are still tractors made, but not in large numbers. Because the raw materials are all had to make ends meet were knotted scarce. Renault produced a limited series new tractors that are very ' standard ' were equipped in terms of layout and design. And partly due to lack of petrol and diesel tractors also of gas generators could be provided. After the war came a new series of tractors based on existing technology. These tractors had all 4 cylinder renault petrol engines and were used as a type designation, the R-now 4 digits number. The first digit indicates what kind of vehicle it is: 1 = auto, 2 = car van petrol, 3 = tractor petrol, 4 = car van and truck diesel and 7 = tractor diesel. The other figures indicate what make it is, designation of the technique (engine and chassis variant) and the type of brakes, radiator and suspension that are used. The tractorenproductie moved to Le Mans In 1950, Renault had here a modern and future-oriented factory built and in 1951, the first post-war tractors with diesel engines submitted by Perkins and Hispano-Hercules. Renault came In 1956 with a complete new series tractors the D series and 1 type after all this were diesels. The all new D series and the later N-series (1960) were matched to the demands of the modern farmer and in 1956 was the absolute most popular diesel engine power source. These diesel engines were submitted by MWM (motor Werke Mannheim) or the water-cooled Perkins engines from the United States. The D 22 with 2 cylinder air-cooled MWM engine was the most sold. Renault introduced the Super Series at the end of 1962, new were the super 4 and 5 with alpha-renault diesel engine. In this period, Porsche tractors in Germany retrieved and Renaults were in the Porsche factory made. The Renaults were built in Germany were red in color. Renault came In 1973 with the most extensive series in its history and the most popular models were the 461, 551 and 651. In the eighties came many small series such as the TX, TS, RS, and LS series on the market and in the 90 's the MX and PX series. Later still came the Cergos, Ceres, Ares and Atles series. In 2004, Renault acquired by Claas and Claas then went just by using the production of Celtis, Ares and Atles series. The tractors were no longer only in the Renault colors available but they were now in light green-white with red rims.

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