Caterpillar - 330B LN

Caterpillar Inc., also known as "CAT", designs, manufactures, markets and sells machinery and engines and sells financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.With more than US $ 70 billion in assets, Caterpillar was ranked number one in its industry and number 44 overall in the 2009 Fortune 500.

Caterpillar crawler excavator         
Technical specifications: 330B LN      
Production year model/type 1997-2001      
Engine: Caterpillar      
Cil/Turbo/intercooler 6TI      
Engine model:  3306TA      
Rated output: (Kw/Hp/Rpm) 166/225/1800      
Maximum torque: (Nm/Rpm) x      
Displacement: (cm³) 10500      
Fuel:  Diesel      
Hydrauliek system:        
Capacity hydraulic tank: (Ltr) 185      
Capacity hydraulic system: (Ltr) 400      
Pump hydraulic flow capacity: (Ltr/min) 2 x 240      
Auxilary flow capacity: (option) (Ltr/min) x      
Maximum working pressure: (bar) 343      
Dimensions & weight: (Monoboom) Arm 2200mm 2800mm 3300mm 3900mm
Operating weight: (Kg) 34025 33734 33767 33861
Length transport with monoboom: (mm) 11460 11150 11060 11250
Height cab: (mm) 3250      
Height transport with monoboom: (mm) 3670 3560 3320 3610
Body width: (mm)  3000      
Track width standard: (mm) 600      
Width over tracks: (tracks 600mm) 2990      
Width over tracks: (tracks 700mm) 3090      
Width dozer blade: (mm) x      
Track length on the ground: (mm) 4040      
Gradebility: (%/°) 70%/35°      
Ground pressure: (kg/cm²) 0,57      
Fuel tank: (Ltr) 560      
Operating information: (Monoboom) Arm 2200mm 2800mm 3300mm 3900mm
Max. reach at ground level: (mm) 10010 10570 11030 11620
Max. loading height: (mm) 6590 7130 7310 7630
Max. digging depth: (mm) 6420 6960 7460 8060
Max. cutting height: (mm) 9910 10230 10400 10730
Maximum travel speed:(Km/h low-high) 3,2-5,5 Km/h      
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