Volvo A35G FS

Full Suspension dumper truck from Volvo feature fully hydraulic front and rear suspension. This permits high hauling speeds when the machine is both loaded and unloaded. The full suspension system delivers increased productivity with maximum comfort and control in the most demanding conditions.

Technical Specifications VOLVO A35G FS
Version of the model:
 Articulated Dump Truck
Production year:
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air cooled
 Tier 4F / Stage IV
 329.00Kw / 441.19Hp
 327.00Kw / 438.51Hp
 2,360.00Nm / 1,746.40lb-ft
 12,800cm³ / 781ci³
 High-pressure fuel injectors
Electrical system:
Power source:
 9.00Kw / 12.07Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Variable displacement piston pumps
Hydraulic pressure:
 250.00Bar / 25.00Mpa
Hydraulic cycle time:
Transmission & speed:
 Automatic transmission
 6 Wheel Drive
Travel speed:
 6.00km/h / 3.73mph
 57.00km/h / 35.42mph
 18.00km/h / 11.18mph
Braking system:
 Dual braking system
 Hydraulic disc brake on all wheels
Parking brake:
 Spring-applied disc brake
Service refill capacities:
 480.00L / 126.82US gal
 39.00L / 10.30US gal
 175.00L / 46.24US gal
 50.00L / 52.86US guart
 75.00L / 79.28US guart
 40.00L / 42.28US guart
 9.00L / 9.51US guart
 26.00L / 27.48US guart
 56.00L / 59.20US guart
Transport dimensions:
 11,180mm / 440Inch
 3,258mm / 128Inch
 3,716mm / 146Inch
Height dimensions:
 3,716mm / 146Inch
 3,546mm / 140Inch
Ground clearance:
 754mm / 30Inch
 521mm / 21Inch
 579mm / 23Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 26.5 R25
 4,578.00mm / 180.24Inch
 1,820mm / 72Inch
 2,534mm / 100Inch
Width over tires:
 3,258mm / 128Inch
 Articulated frame steering
Turning radius:
 4,395mm / 173Inch
 8,853mm / 349Inch
Loading platform:
 6,241mm / 246Inch
 3,106mm / 122Inch
 2,314.00mm / 91.10Inch
Body capacity:
 33,500kg / 73,700Lbs
Operating weight:
 29,200kg / 64,240Lbs
 16,100kg / 35,420Lbs
 13,500kg / 29,700Lbs
 29,600kg / 65,120Lbs
axle loads:
 19,100kg / 42,020Lbs
 44,000kg / 96,800Lbs
Total weight:
 63,100kg / 138,820Lbs
Sound levels:
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Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

New and used Articulated Dump Trucks are offered for sale and rent on For information to buy or selling a second hand Caterpillar, Volvo or Komatsu articulated Hauler you can quickly and easily to contact with the supplier of dumpers and construction machinery. Articulated Haulers are the sand and soil dump trucks for heavy work. These haulers can be divided into rigid dumpers and articulated haulers. The articulated dump truck is very manoeuvrable and all-wheel drive so that it performs well in the field. For soil and sediment transport under difficult conditions, these dumpers therefore very suitable. With machine rental you can rent a dump truck, usually is rented with a driver but there are rental companies who rent without operator articulated dump trucks.