Volvo EC 20B XT

Volvo EC20B XT with Mitsubishi engine L3E Tier 3 from 2002 to 2007. Volvo EC20B XT = 2 speed version. Volvo EC20B XTV = 2 speed version with adjustable undercarriage.

Technical Specifications VOLVO EC20B XT
Version of the model:
 Swing boom
 Standard stick
Production year:
 4 stroke Indirect injection
 water cooled
 Tier 4
 12.00Kw / 16.09Hp
 11.70Kw / 15.69Hp
 53.00Nm / 39.22lb-ft
 76.00mm / 2.99Inch
 70.00mm / 2.76Inch
 952cm³ / 58ci³
Electrical system:
Power source:
 1.60Kw / 2.15Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Variable displacement pump
 44.00L/m / 11.62gpm
 40.00L/m / 10.57gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 210.00Bar / 21.00Mpa
 210.00Bar / 21.00Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 2 speed hydrostatic
Travel speed:
 2.70km/h / 1.68mph
 4.70km/h / 2.92mph
Service refill capacities:
 21.00L / 5.55US gal
 23.00L / 6.08US gal
 33.00L / 8.72US gal
 3.60L / 3.81US guart
 4.50L / 4.76US guart
Dimensions with:
 1,050mm / 41Inch
 250mm / 10Inch
Transport dimensions:
 3,780mm / 149Inch
 1,200mm / 47Inch
 2,270mm / 89Inch
Height dimensions:
 2,210mm / 87Inch
 2,270mm / 89Inch
Width dimensions:
 1,200mm / 47Inch
 980mm / 39Inch
Upper structure:
 1,120mm / 44Inch
Dipper sticks:
 1,050mm / 41Inch
 1,300mm / 51Inch
 250mm / 10Inch
 0.29kgf/cm² / 28.44kPa
 1,200mm / 47Inch
 1,240mm / 49Inch
 1,240mm / 49Inch
 1,630mm / 64Inch
Dozer blade:
 1,200mm / 47Inch
 240mm / 9Inch
Swing system:
 Orbital Piston
Maximum digging reach:
 4,010mm / 158Inch
 4,250mm / 167Inch
Maximum loading height:
 2,670mm / 105Inch
 2,810mm / 111Inch
Maximum cutting height:
 3,750mm / 148Inch
 3,900mm / 154Inch
Maximum digging depth:
 2,350mm / 93Inch
 2,600mm / 102Inch
Digging forces bucket:
Arm digging force:
 12.50kN / 1,250.00daN
Drawbar pull:
 17.70kN / 1,770.00daN
 1,666.00kg / 3,665.20Lbs
Operating weight:
 1,809kg / 3,980Lbs
 1,809kg / 3,980Lbs
 1,685kg / 3,707Lbs
 1,809kg / 3,980Lbs
Sound levels:
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