Volvo EW160D

At Volvo we are proud of our fuel efficient and environmentally responsible machines, we deliver more power for less fuel. The EW160D is no exception; our newly developed engine meets all legislative requirements, improves performance and lowers fuel consumption to save you time and money

Technical Specifications VOLVO EW160D 2-Piece boom
Version of the model:
 Adjustable boom
 Standard stick
 Front blade + Rear 2 stabilisers
Production year:
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 Tier 4i / Stage III B
 115.00Kw / 154.22Hp
 112.00Kw / 150.19Hp
 716.00Nm / 529.84lb-ft
 98.00mm / 3.86Inch
 126.00mm / 4.96Inch
 5,700cm³ / 348ci³
 High-pressure fuel injectors
Electrical system:
Power source:
 5.50Kw / 7.38Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Axial piston pumps
 256.00L/m / 67.64gpm
 36.00L/m / 9.51gpm
Pilot pump:
 Gear pump
Hydraulic pressure:
 375.00Bar / 37.50Mpa
 40.00Bar / 4.00Mpa
 375Bar / 38Mpa
 340.00Bar / 34.00Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 3 speed powershift
 4 Wheel Drive
Travel speed:
 8.70km/h / 5.41mph
 35.00km/h / 21.75mph
 4.00km/h / 2.49mph
Braking system:
 Dual braking system
 Wet multi disc brakes
Parking brake:
 Negative wet disc in gear housing
Service refill capacities:
 250.00L / 66.05US gal
 123.00L / 32.50US gal
 260.00L / 68.69US gal
 25.00L / 26.43US guart
 33.00L / 34.88US guart
 2.50L / 2.64US guart
 9.50L / 10.04US guart
 12.50L / 13.21US guart
 2.50L / 2.64US guart
 2.50L / 2.64US guart
Dimensions with:
 5,100mm / 201Inch
 2,450mm / 96Inch
Transport dimensions:
 8,360mm / 329Inch
 2,540mm / 100Inch
 3,140mm / 124Inch
Length dimensions:
 8,330mm / 328Inch
 8,360mm / 329Inch
 8,360mm / 329Inch
 8,150mm / 321Inch
Height dimensions:
 2,860mm / 113Inch
 3,140mm / 124Inch
Ground clearance:
 360mm / 14Inch
Width dimensions:
 2,540mm / 100Inch
 2,520mm / 99Inch
Upper structure:
 5,100mm / 201Inch
Dipper sticks:
 2,000mm / 79Inch
 2,450mm / 96Inch
 2,600mm / 102Inch
 3,100mm / 122Inch
 2,540mm / 100Inch
 3,980mm / 157Inch
Dozer blade:
 2,540mm / 100Inch
 630mm / 25Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 10.0 R20
 2,600.00mm / 102.36Inch
 1,940mm / 76Inch
Width over tires:
 2,540mm / 100Inch
Swing system:
 Radial piston
 50.40kN / 5,040.00daN
 2 Wheel steering
Turning radius:
 7,300mm / 287Inch
Maximum digging reach:
 8,550mm / 337Inch
 8,990mm / 354Inch
 9,140mm / 360Inch
 9,630mm / 379Inch
Maximum loading height:
 6,650mm / 262Inch
 6,980mm / 275Inch
 7,090mm / 279Inch
 7,460mm / 294Inch
Maximum cutting height:
 9,660mm / 380Inch
 10,000mm / 394Inch
 10,110mm / 398Inch
 10,480mm / 413Inch
Maximum digging depth:
 5,150mm / 203Inch
 5,600mm / 220Inch
 5,750mm / 226Inch
 6,250mm / 246Inch
Digging forces bucket:
Arm digging force:
 97.00kN / 9,700.00daN
 85.00kN / 8,500.00daN
 82.00kN / 8,200.00daN
 72.00kN / 7,200.00daN
Lifting capacities max. reach:
Ground level over front:
Ground level over side:
Drawbar pull:
 104.00kN / 10,400.00daN
Operating weight:
 17,600kg / 38,720Lbs
 3,200kg / 7,040Lbs
 17,600kg / 38,720Lbs
 14,400kg / 31,680Lbs
Sound levels:
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(Information may vary with any machines on offer)
€ 78.500,00 - € 79.500,004 providers
Volvo EW160D

Volvo EW160D

  • 2014
  • Used
  • on request
Volvo EW160D

Volvo EW160D

  • 2012
  • Used
  • on request
Volvo EW160D

Volvo EW160D

  • 2014
  • Used
  • EUR 78.500,00 Excl. VAT
Volvo EW160D

Volvo EW160D

  • 2014
  • Used
  • EUR 79.500,00 Excl. VAT

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