Volvo Wheel loader 2.5 ton skid steer

Wheel loader 2.5 ton skid steer

2,5 ton Skid-steer loader new and used are offered for sale or to rent on 2,5 ton Skid-steer loaders are very versatile machines for earth-moving. These <a href="" target="_blank">wheeled loaders </a>have many multifunctional abilities. These excellently functioning machines can be connected to hydraulic demolition hammers, rolling brooms or excavator buckets so they are often used for demolition work. The name skid-steer loader for this machine refers to the way it is steered. The skid-steer loader is steered by moving the wheels on one side in the opposite direction to the wheels on the other side. The operator can do this via handles or foot pedals. The skid-steer loader is also known as a ‘bobcat’ because the Bobcat company was the first to very successfully put a skid-steer loader on the market. Many machine renting companies also rent skid-steer loaders with an operator, although there are rental companies who rent them without. Both new and used skid-steer loaders are offered for sale or to rent on Werktuigen.