Volvo L110H High Lift

Featuring a premium Volvo Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine and perfectly matched drivetrain and hydraulics, the L110H and L120H wheel loaders deliver the power, productivity and reliability you expect from Volvo. Whether you’re working in the quarrying, material handling, recycling or any other application, these durable machines won’t let you down.

Technical Specifications VOLVO L110H HIGH LIFT
Version of the model:
 Long Boom
 TP (Torque Parallel)
Production year:
 4 stroke Direct injection
 water cooled
 Air to air cooled
 Tier 4F
 191.00Kw / 256.13Hp
 190.00Kw / 254.79Hp
 1,255.00Nm / 928.70lb-ft
 7,750cm³ / 473ci³
 high-pressure common rail injection
Electrical system:
Power source:
 5.50Kw / 7.38Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Axial piston pumps
 128.00L/m / 33.82gpm
 128.00L/m / 33.82gpm
 33.00L/m / 8.72gpm
 Load Sensing
Hydraulic pressure:
 270.00Bar / 27.00Mpa
 290.00Bar / 29.00Mpa
 290.00Bar / 29.00Mpa
Hydraulic cycle time:
Transmission & speed:
 Automatische PowrShift (APS)
 4 Wheel Drive
 Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) with fully automatic shifting
Travel speed:
 7.00km/h / 4.35mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
 40.00km/h / 24.85mph
Braking system:
 Dual-circuit system
 Hydraulic disc brake
Parking brake:
 Disc brake built into the transmission
Service refill capacities:
 270.00L / 71.33US gal
 24.90L / 6.58US gal
 133.00L / 35.14US gal
 22.00L / 23.26US guart
 43.00L / 45.46US guart
 38.00L / 40.17US guart
 36.00L / 38.06US guart
 41.00L / 43.34US guart
Transport dimensions:
 7,010mm / 276Inch
 2,880mm / 113Inch
 3,380mm / 133Inch
Length dimensions:
 8,630mm / 340Inch
Height dimensions:
 3,380mm / 133Inch
Ground clearance:
 430mm / 17Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 23.5 R25
 3,200.00mm / 125.98Inch
 2,070mm / 81Inch
Width over tires:
 2,670mm / 105Inch
 Articulated frame steering
Turning radius:
 3,060mm / 120Inch
 5,730mm / 226Inch
 6,575mm / 259Inch
Standard bucket:
 2,880mm / 113Inch
 3.00M3 / 3,000.00Liter
 3.30M3 / 3,300.00Liter
Lifting capacity:
With bucket:
 11,230kg / 24,706Lbs
 9,550kg / 21,010Lbs
 5,730kg / 12,606Lbs
 175.80kN / 17,580.00daN
Maximum loading height:
 4,240mm / 167Inch
 3,230mm / 127Inch
 4,550mm / 179Inch
Operating weight:
 18,660kg / 41,052Lbs
 18,660kg / 41,052Lbs
Sound levels:
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